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Hyundai EON

When the Hyundai Eon was first introduced to the market, it caused practically everyone's heads to turn due to its appealing design, which was absent from the market in which it competed. Although the Maruti Alto 800 may be the automobile that sells the most units in the country, we can all agree that it does not have a particularly expressive design. Maruti launched a limited edition version of the car that was formerly known as the Alto just one day before Hyundai introduced the Eon since the vibes were so strong when Hyundai introduced the Eon. The Hyundai Eon bears the weighty obligation of continuing in the tradition established by the legendary Santro, the vehicle that set the Korean automobile manufacturer on the path to success. The Hyundai Eon is the first car in its class to deliver best-in-class build quality, good fuel efficiency, and a plethora of features, which it does while also inspiring competitors to do the same.

How is the Design?

The Hyundai Eon is the smallest vehicle to feature the company's fluidic design, and the car's concept of design is most evident in its smooth curves and streamlined silhouette. The Eon may have more rounded edges and smoother lines than any other automobile in its class. In light of the looks, the Eon doesn't seem to be a section-level vehicle. The plan is enamouring to the point of picking the Hyundai Eon over the opposition. Hyundai's most recent Fluidic configuration has focused well on the car and it seems to be a cutting-edge vehicle which makes a style proclamation. The front has the regular hexagonal family grille and many might botch it to be the i10 from the outset. The headlamps plunge as far as possible back to the hood and pronounced wheel curves are a piece of the Fluidic reasoning.

The Sportz variation accompanies three-sided haze lights, the Magna, on the opposite side has arrangements to make it happen as a reseller's exchange fitment. Protruding wheel curves add muscle and supplement the plan. The Hyundai Eon is made to oust the Alto and looks alone can make it happen yet we take it on a broad test to check whether it's pretty much as great as it looks. The Nano has removed the tag of the least expensive vehicle of late yet the numbers have been rolling in from Maruti Suzuki.

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How does it perform?

The Eon is fueled by a 3-chamber, 814 CC engine which produces 55 BHP @ 5500 rpm and 75 Nm force @ 4000 rpm. It’s really the 1.1-liter Santro motor sans a chamber. This reduces down the assembling expense as well as gives the Eon class driving eco-friendliness of 21.1 kmpl (ARAI confirmed). 3 chamber motors have essentially been the standard in little hatchbacks. Maruti utilizes a 998 cc motor to drive the Alto, Cart R and Estilo, much higher up the section, the Polo twins (petroleum and diesel) and Micra (petroleum) are doing adjustments on a 3-pot engine. The point which comes through is that 3 chamber motors are more eco-friendly than their 4 chamber partners and with fuel costs spiralling, producers are making an honest effort to amplify the eco-friendliness. Low-end snort is just about all right however the mid-reach and very good quality punch compensate for it.

1. What is the Torque Figure?

Its maximum torque of 75Nm at 4000rpm.

2. What is the Power?

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The max power of Hyundai EON is 55bhp at 5500rpm.

3. What is the Top Speed?

Hyundai EON reaches at a top speed of 140Kmph.

How’s the Mileage?

The Eon is not a supercar, but these numbers are adequate for the typical buyer of this vehicle. We anticipate it to have a combined city and highway efficiency of 17 to 18 kmpl. It features a 32-litre gasoline tank, which is somewhat tiny but should allow for a single tank's estimated 550 kilometres of travel. A 3-cylinder, 814 CC motor producing 55 BHP at 5500 rpm and 75 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm powers the Eon. It is essentially the Santro's 1.1-litre engine without a cylinder. This lowers the cost of production while simultaneously giving the Eon a class-leading fuel efficiency of 21.1 kmpl (ARAI certified). In compact hatchbacks, 3-cylinder engines have largely been the standard.

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How’s the Driving Experience?

A vehicle in this fragment is unquestionably not tuned to be an out-and-out controller, in any case, the Eon really does genuinely well. Directing is light and comes helpful in heavily congested rush hour gridlock, but it stays light as you gain speed and turns out to be excessively delicate at high paces, criticism is acceptable yet drivers were enjoyably shocked by the fast soundness of this vehicle. However, indeed, even at 110 kmph it felt very much established given you keep a firm hold of the guiding, slight development and the vehicle will jerk, not perilously. Then again, the Alto and the Flash, don't motivate sufficient certainty at triple digits paces and feel perilous, while the Eon effectively scores over its opponents, taking everything into account. To add to the well-being, the Sportz variant accompanies the driver's side airbag as standard, the principal in the portion. At low rates, the ride is a protest on the great landing area and slight undulations are taken easily, it is just when you get to the cavities, the ride will in general be fun, a run-of-the-mill characteristic of Hyundai cars and back travellers are impacted the most. Ground leeway at 170 mm is really great for Indian circumstances and we didn't scratch the underside even once.

What’s the Interior like?

Insides are by a wide margin the best in the portion, never before have we seen such great quality insides in a vehicle which sits at this specific cost, in fact, it can put cars a lot higher up the section to outright disgrace. Get inside and the Hyundai Eon seepages of value, feel new insides, extraordinary plastic quality and the 2 tone beige and greyish dark blend simply improves the allure. No lopsided board holes and astounding put-togetherness. It won't be awkward to specify that the Alto, the biggest selling vehicle in the section, doesn't verge on matching the quality. The hexagonal topic is conveyed onto the dashboard, which has a cutting-edge lively plan. An enormous stockpiling region is put over the glove box for miscellaneous items. A very roomy and common sense glove box. The directing feels better to hold with the thumb rests. Notice the focal point of the dashboard, this focal space has been taken care of keep icons and is known as the divinity space by Hyundai. The top-end Sportz variation gets a 3-dimension control. Level movable directing presented on the Magna and Sportz models is an exceptionally helpful component. Guiding additionally gets slant change.

Tech and Infotainment

The sound unit accompanies two speakers as standard with an arrangement to introduce two more at the back and plays Album, USB and Aux. Sound quality is fair and USB/Aux ports are set to all their mentally units as displayed. The forced air system is exceptionally effective and cools the lodge in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination. On a blistering Sunday evening, the a/c was cooling greatly to the point that drivers needed to get the fan to the base speed. With practically no questions, the a/c is undeniably more effective than the opposition. Both front and back seats are a blend of texture and craftsmanship cowhide. The front seats consolidate an incorporated headrest and are agreeable. Back help is satisfactory yet because of the size of the vehicle, the seat width is adequate for a typically constructed individual and a heftier individual could wind up needing more width. Under thigh support is normal and in general, the seats are in all actuality agreeable, however, drivers can't help but confess, being a six-footer in level, it took me some time to get feel comfortable.

Safety Equipment

The Eon performs admirably considering it is not tuned to be an outright handler for a car in this market. The steering is light and useful in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but as you go faster, it gets heavier and more sensitive. The feedback is acceptable, but I was pleasantly pleased by the car's high-speed steadiness. As long as you maintain a tight grip on the steering, the car feels well-balanced even at 110 kph. A tiny movement will cause the car to quiver, but not dangerously. The Eon has stirred up the portion as far as client assumption and it offers top-tier quality, eco-friendliness, and highlights with really present-day styling. Its quick rivals, the Alto and Spark obviously look obsolete in the examination. It’s amazing the way in which Hyundai has managed to value this vehicle so seriously despite everything staying aware of the quality. There is no holding up period either and its promptly accessible off the rack. Hyundai has a victor on its hands to a great extent is no question that its the best purchase for the buck.

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Which variant to buy?

The Hyundai Eon is no longer available. It was previously offered in five different models: Era+, Era+ Sports Edition, Magna+, Sportz, and Magna+(O) (O). The Hyundai EON's most recent price range was between Rs. 3.35 lakh and Rs. 4.73 lakh. The Eon is still the entry-level vehicle to purchase, and the Era+ variant is also well-equipped. Additionally, one can get better-specked variants as well for a little extra money. The variant of ERA+ is the appropriate variant to buy in any scenario. It shows a combined city and parkway proficiency of 17–18 km/l. It features a relatively small 32-litre gas tank, which should be more than enough for an approximate range of 550 km on a single gas tank. The car was reasonably solid as it slowed down after applying the brakes at 120 km/h, stopping in a straight line with no sideways motion. Divers were successful in locking the wheels, and unlike the brakes, the wheels lose traction much sooner. Excellent overall braking performance. The Magna model, which comes with 155/80/13 tyres as standard, was being driven by the driver. Because the base models come with 145 standard tyres, upgrading the rubber will improve stopping power and safety.

Which Cars Compete in this Segment?

Maruti Suzuki India has sent off the 2012 Maruti Alto 800 in the Indian market as their most recent competitor in the little vehicle section. The 2012 Alto 800 is enormously worked on over the more seasoned rendition of Alto, truth be told we have thought about then exhaustively her-2012 Maruti Alto 800 Versus Old Maruti Alto. In this article, we bring you itemized examination of the Maruti Alto 800 Versus the Hyundai Eon. Hyundai Eon is the littlest vehicle in Hyundai India's portfolio and has been consistently doing great since its sent off in India. One of the significant up-sides of the Hyundai Eon Versus the more seasoned Alto was its a lot of current looks and better insides, yet with the new Maruti Alto 800 sent off by Maruti Suzuki, the Eon gets a genuine contender. Let’s contrast the Alto 800 and Hyundai Eon in subtleties. Yet, there are more articulated wheel curves and sharp body lines and character lines running from front to back. Discussing the insides, Alto 800 gets a ton of upgrades over the past age Alto, yet the form quality plastic quality has some extent of progress. There is the utilization of double tone subject, silver getting done and significantly better dials on the instrument group and focal control centre.

Verdict (Value for Money?)

The Eon has stirred up the portion as far as client assumption and it offers top-tier quality, eco-friendliness, and highlights with really present-day styling. Its quick rivals, the Alto and Spark look obsolete in the examination. It’s amazing the way in which Hyundai has managed to value this vehicle so seriously despite everything staying aware of the quality. There is no holding up period either and it’s promptly accessible off the rack. Hyundai has a victor on its hands to a great extent is no question that it’s the best purchase for the buck.


What is the top mileage of Hyundai Eon? ›

Mileage of Hyundai EON

The EON mileage is 20.3 to 22.0 kmpl. The Manual Petrol variant has a mileage of 22.0 kmpl. The Manual LPG variant has a mileage of 21.1 km/kg.

What is the mileage of i10 EON? ›

Hyundai EON Mileage

The claimed ARAI mileage: Hyundai EON Petrol is 22.0 kmpl | Hyundai EON LPG is 21.1 km/kg.

How long does Hyundai Eon engine last? ›

On average, a Hyundai's engine has a lifespan that is anywhere around 250,000 km to 400,000 km. Depending on how much you drive each day, your car's engine could be in perfect working condition for 15 to 20 years.

What is the status of Hyundai Eon? ›

Is Hyundai Eon still in production? Hyundai has officially discontinued the Eon in India.

Is Hyundai Eon easy to maintain? ›

Helpful Reviews of EON Maintenance

It is a nice car. It is a nice car. It is a very low maintenance car. It needs very low maintenance for this car.

Which car replaced Hyundai Eon? ›

Its replacement, the third generation Santro, had been released before the festive season of 2018. The last Hyundai Eon rolled off the line on May 3, 2019, at the Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.

What is the mileage of Eon without AC? ›

Eon Mileage (Version Wise Mileage)
Eon VersionsARAI Mileage
Eon Sportz 814 cc, Petrol, Manual, Rs. 4.48 Lakh21.1 kmpl
Eon 1.0 Kappa Magna AirBag 998 cc, Petrol, Manual, Rs. 4.56 Lakh20.3 kmpl
Eon 1.0 Kappa Magna (O) AirBag 998 cc, Petrol, Manual, Rs. 4.71 Lakh20.3 kmpl
20 more rows

Which is smaller eon or i10? ›

Note: Eon figures mentioned above are of the 1.0-litre variant which is 20mm longer and 10mm higher than the 800cc variant. In a ladder form, the Eon sits at the lowest rung followed by the Santro and the Grand i10 when the length and width are considered.

How can I increase my Eon mileage? ›

First tip is that sudden acceleration and hard braking should not be used often as it increases the fuel consumption by up to 40 per cent. Also driving in low speed at around 80km/h to 95 km/h also helps in improving the fuel consumption by 10 to 15 percent.

Why was the Hyundai Eon discontinued? ›

Hyundai decided to stop the production itself, instead of investing in its upgrades. This decision was mainly due to the declining sales of the hatchback in the Indian market. The Hyundai Eon was initially available with a 814cc petrol engine producing 55bhp and 75Nm of torque.

Which is more reliable Toyota or Hyundai? ›

While Toyota does make reliable vehicles that hold up for a decent period, it's difficult to deny the facts – Hyundai beats out Toyota in all the most important categories.

What is the lowest price of Hyundai Eon? ›

Hyundai Eon price starts at Rs. 2.96 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 4.71 Lakh.

Is Hyundai Eon Electric? ›

Electric fuel type is not available in Hyundai Eon.

Where do Hyundai cars ship from? ›

Foreign-built cars, such as new Hyundais from the large manufacturing facility in South Korea, get to the U.S. via ocean vessels. An estimated 65 to 70% of all new cars sold in the U.S. travel via rail and also auto transport trailers, before their final arrival at the dealership.

Is it expensive to maintain a Hyundai? ›

Are Hyundais expensive to maintain? Maintaining a Hyundai is affordable compared to many other car brands. Drivers pay about $468 per year on average for maintenance and repairs, which is about $200 cheaper than the industry average.

Is Hyundai a good long term car? ›

According to RepairPal, Hyundai boasts a reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking 4th out of all 32 car brands. In addition, Hyundai ownership is on the inexpensive side, with only $468 annual repair costs of scheduled and unscheduled repairs.

Does Hyundai Eon have automatic transmission? ›

Hyundai Eon is available in 1 transmission option(s) -Manual.

What models of Hyundai are being broken into? ›

Affected vehicles include 2017-2020 Hyundai Elantras, 2015-2019 Hyundai Sonatas, and 2020-2021 Hyundai Venues. Hyundai and Kia have partnered with local law enforcement to provide free steering wheel locks to consumers with affected vehicles.

Which Hyundai is gas and electric? ›

2023 SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid up to an EPA-estimated 30 mile All-Electric Range based on a fully charged battery pack and 76 combined MPGe. MPGe is the EPA-equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric-mode operation. 33 Combined MPG (gas).

Does AC ruin gas mileage? ›

Does AC affect gas mileage? As a general answer, a Consumer Reports study found that, yes, running the AC does reduce gas mileage. Here are some tips to help you balance your fuel consumption with comfort. Generally, the air conditioner uses gas, so use it wisely.

Does Eon have AC? ›

Excluding base model all comes with ac and power steering.

How much does AC lower gas mileage? ›

How Much Gas Does a Car's Air Conditioner Use? Switching on your car's air conditioning system will use some gas. There are estimates that the air conditioning system will lower mileage by about 3 MPG.

Which is better Hyundai Eon or Hyundai i10? ›

Key Difference: The Hyundai Eon is an entry level car by Hyundai. Whereas, the Hyundai i10 is a hatchback car that is considered superior to the Hyundai Eon. The Hyundai Eon is a hatchback entry level car by Hyundai. It was released in the market to compete small cars like Maruti Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Celerio.

Is Hyundai i10 spacious? ›

Front space

Up front, the Hyundai i10 offers a similar amount of head and leg room to the Kia Picanto, which means plenty of space even if you're six feet tall. The main difference is that the i10's interior is wider, so more amply proportioned passengers will have extra room to breathe. Storage space is good too.

Which is the lowest model of i10? ›

The least expensive Hyndai i10 is the D lite priced at Rs. 3.65 lakh (Ex-showroom).

What is the best speed for mileage? ›

Optimal Speed: Finding the Sweet Spot for Mileage

To optimise fuel economy, it is recommended to drive at a consistent speed within the sweet spot for your vehicle, typically between 80-90 km/h.

What is the best mileage speed for a car? ›

The Energy Saving Trust says that the most efficient speed you can travel in a car in terms of achieving the best fuel economy is 55-65mph.

What is the mileage of Hyundai Eon in CNG? ›

What is the mileage of Hyundai Eon ERA CNG ? Hyundai Eon ERA CNG gives around 18 kmpl mileage.

Which engine is best for long term? ›

Diesel engines last longer than petrol engines as the wear and tear is less pronounced due to fuel property.

Which is the low maintenance cars in India? ›

Best Low Maintenance Cars in India 2023
  • Ford Figo.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto 800.
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios.
  • Tata Tiago.
  • Hyundai Aura.
  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire.
  • Hyundai Creta.
  • Tata Nexon.
Jan 30, 2023

What is the price of Eon in 2023? ›

from April to June 2023, 16.6p/ kWh for electricity and 2.2p/ kWh for gas. from October to December 2022, 17p/ kWh for electricity and 4.2p/ kWh for gas. from January to March 2023, 31.8p/ kWh for electricity and 6.4p/ kWh for gas.

What is the engine capacity of Hyundai Eon? ›

Key specifications of Hyundai Eon
Ex-showroom Price Delhi₹ 3,32,000.00
Mileage (ARAI) kmpl21.1 kmpl
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Displacement814 cc
Power55 bhp @ 5500 RPM
1 more row

Does Eon have airbags? ›

Hyundai Eon Magna + AirBag is the top model in the Eon lineup and the price of Eon top model is Rs. 4.30 Lakh. It gives a mileage of 21.1 kmpl. Hyundai Eon Magna + AirBag is available in Manual transmission and offered in 5 colours: Pristine Blue, Star Dust, Fiery Red, Sleek Silver and Polar White.

What is better Hyundai or Kia? ›

Both brands stand behind their products and offer quality that's matched by few in the business. For 2021, Kia ranked third in the J.D. Power U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study*, ahead of brands like Toyota, Chevrolet, and even Mercedes-Benz. Kia even finished ahead of both Hyundai and their Genesis luxury subsidiary.

Is Honda or Hyundai better? ›

Cars from Honda tend to have a sporty edge, while Hyundai has a hard-earned reputation for value, thanks to its competitive prices and class-leading warranty coverage. Since these brands compete in most mainstream vehicle segments, chances are you'll come across them as you pursue your new vehicle goals.

Is Hyundai or Ford better? ›

When comparing the Ford brand to the Hyundai brand, Ford has the advantage in the areas of used car pricing, depreciation, horsepower and variety of models offered. Hyundai has the advantage in the areas of new car pricing, towing capacity, overall quality, reliability, safety, retained value and vehicle rankings.

How many years is an eon? ›

An eon is a period of time equal to one billion years or 1,000,000,000 years.

What is the retail price of Eon? ›

Hyundai Eon Variants

Eon Petrol price in India ranges between ₹ 2.96 Lakh and ₹ 4.71 Lakh. Eon LPG price ranges between ₹ 3.46 Lakh and ₹ 4.27 Lakh. Eon Manual price ranges between ₹ 2.96 Lakh and ₹ 4.71 Lakh.

How much is eon? ›

E. ON Next price rises in 2023
Time periodPrice cap levelE.ON Next standard variable price
April 2021 - October 2021£1,138£1,138
October 2021 - April 2022£1,277£1,277
April 2022 - October 2022£1,971£1,971
October 2022 - January 2023£3,549N/A (SVT capped at £2,500 under EPG)
7 more rows

Does EON have power steering? ›

Yes, Hyundai EON have power steering as a standard feature except the base variant EON D-Lite.

Which new car is best under 3 lakh? ›

The cheapest model Under 3 Lakh is. The popular models Under 3 Lakh are Maruti Wagon R (Rs. 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh), Renault KWID (Rs. 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh), Volkswagen Polo (Rs. 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh), Honda City (Rs. 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh), Maruti Swift (Rs. 2 Lakh - 3 Lakh) in New Delhi.

Does Hyundai EON have power window? ›

The car power window motor inside the door panel supplies the torque for its up and down feature. The power window motor parts are connected with a button where one door switch pushes the window up and the other switch rolls down the window.

Is Hyundai built in USA? ›

From coast to coast, Michigan to Alabama to California, and beyond, Hyundai maintains numerous American facilities for the craftsmanship, engineering, and manufacturing of beloved Hyundai models, including such perennially popular styles as the Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, and Hyundai Santa Fe.

Does Hyundai have a factory in the US? ›

Along with Hyundai's USA manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama called Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Hyundai has total of 19 manufacturing plants globally.

Does Hyundai have US factories? ›

Opened in 2005, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) is a manufacturing facility owned by Hyundai Motor Company employing approximately 3,000 people. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the facility marked the official start of production with the 2006 Sonata in May 2005.

How can I increase my EON mileage? ›

First tip is that sudden acceleration and hard braking should not be used often as it increases the fuel consumption by up to 40 per cent. Also driving in low speed at around 80km/h to 95 km/h also helps in improving the fuel consumption by 10 to 15 percent.

How long is Hyundai Eon? ›

The EON is a 5 seater 3 cylinder car and has length of 3495mm, width of 1550mm and a wheelbase of 2380mm.

What is the mileage of Hyundai Eon Sportz 2012? ›

It gives a mileage of 21.1 kmpl.

What is the mileage of Hyundai Eon D Lite 2012? ›

Quick Facts about Hyundai Eon D-Lite + LPG [2012-2015]

It gives mileage of 21.1 kmpl (ARAI Mileage) The fuel tank capacity of Eon D-Lite + LPG [2012-2015] is 32 litres.

How do I get the best mileage? ›

10 Tips to Improve the Mileage of Car
  1. Keep Engine in a Good Health. One of the best ways to improve car mileage is to take care of your car. ...
  2. Reduce the Load Inside the Car. ...
  3. Use Correct Engine Oil. ...
  4. Be Easy on Pedal. ...
  5. Maintain the Right Air Pressure. ...
  6. Avoid Over-revving. ...
  7. Use Gears Correctly. ...
  8. Check Wheel Alignment.
Apr 13, 2023

Does EON have airbags? ›

Hyundai Eon Magna + AirBag is the top model in the Eon lineup and the price of Eon top model is Rs. 4.30 Lakh. It gives a mileage of 21.1 kmpl. Hyundai Eon Magna + AirBag is available in Manual transmission and offered in 5 colours: Pristine Blue, Star Dust, Fiery Red, Sleek Silver and Polar White.

Is there an automatic Hyundai Eon? ›

Hyundai Eon is available in 1 transmission option(s) -Manual.

What is the engine capacity of Eon car? ›

What are the engine specifications of Hyundai Eon?
Version NameEx-Showroom Price, IndiaEngine Type
1.0 Kappa Era +₹ 4.37 Lakh1.0L Kappa
1.0 Kappa Magna + (O) [2014-2016]₹ 4.43 Lakh1.0L Kappa
Sportz₹ 4.48 Lakh3 cylinder petrol engine
1.0 Kappa Magna AirBag₹ 4.56 Lakh3 cylinder petrol engine
19 more rows

What is the ground clearance of the Hyundai Eon? ›

Hyundai Eon ground clearance is 170 mm.

What is the top speed of Eon D Lite? ›

Fuel & Performance
Fuel TypePetrol
Petrol Mileage (ARAI)21.1
Petrol Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)32.0
Top Speed (Kmph)135
Report Incorrect Specs


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